Date: 4/9/17 5:01 pm
From: David McDonald <dkmmdpa...>
Subject: [texbirds] Galveston today - slow but interesting
Hi Texbirders,
I finally had a chance to hit the coast today for spring migration.

On 8 mile and Sportmans road, there was an Osprey sitting on the ground
just after the turn onto Sportman's Road. He sat there at least 1/2 hour,
so I don' know whether he is sick or injured as I have never soon an Osprey
sitting in the grass before.

The tide was out and there was lots mud beside the reeds and finally I saw
a Clapper Rail. I missed them there the last few years.

On Settegast, a beautiful pair of Scissor-tails were flying around and I
captured the male beside the car on a fence post. Best pic ever of this
bird at 15 feet away.

Then at Lafitte's, it was amazingly dead, with more birders than birds.

But this exhausted Red-eyed Vireo could hardly keep his eyes open and just
sat still.

I saw my first ever Reddish Egret at LaFitte's Cove. He was in the large
pond on sidewalk to the gazebo.

Finally still a few remaining winter ducks with a nice male Redhead and
this male Northern Shoveler. He was weird in that his head looked purple
the whole time. I guess iridescense, but I have never seen a purple headed
N. Shoveler before, even briefly.

There were also a couple Eastern Kingbirds, a male Scarlet Tanager and a
Brown Thrasher in the woods.

For you herps people, there was a Box Turtle and a Cottonmouth as well,
plus couple lizards

Good birding and I hope it will get a lot more exciting in the coming weeks.

david McDonald
Friendswood TX

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