Date: 4/9/17 4:31 pm
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Subject: [obol] [Fwd: E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area signs of spring]
Just in case anyone is interested in other stuff that I saw on this
afternoon's walk ...

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Subject: E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area signs of spring
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Hi all,

Besides the Phainopepla mentioned in my previous posting on the birding
list (wanted to get the word out quickly on that one), today in the
south end of E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area, a male NORTHERN HARRIER was
giving chittering calls while doing sort of a half-hearted version of
his "roller-coaster" display flight, near the small native prairie
remnant. I didn't see a female; perhaps she's already on a nest
somewhere in the vicinity.

A calling BLACK PHOEBE was still roaming around the vicinity of the old
WW II movie theater foundation, where a pair has been hanging around
since late winter. According to /Birds of Oregon: A General Reference/,
this species has been found nesting in SW Oregon as early as 20 Mar. I
was actually trying to peek into an interesting-looking hole in the
concrete wall below the old movie theater stage, when the Phainopepla
flew up from the water and sat in back side of a willow.

Up on the native prairie remnant that volunteers have been helping to
restore by clearing brush and mowing in recent seasons, quite a few
plants of Lomatium dissectum (Fern-leaved Desert-Parsley) are up and a
few are starting to bloom. Kincaid's Lupine is making a good showing,
with a few plants popping up in areas where I didn't see them last year.
Oregon Geranium and Mule's Ear are also up, though not blooming yet.

I *nearly* took along a camera with the idea of taking photos of the
Lomatium, but decided it would be too much hassle with the dog
(especially now that we're into dogs-on-leash season). Here are some
photos that I posted last year:!topic/mid-valley-nature/NMIPCsMFKy4

Happy spring exploring!

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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