Date: 4/9/17 3:58 pm
From: Marty McClelland <mmcclelland...>
Subject: Lake Norman birding question
My brother lives in Cornelius NC on Lake Norman and knows the common birds
in the area. He sent me the following email:

"I have a birder question for you. For two days I've seen a hawk-like bird
swooping through the yard that I can't identify. It's definitely hook
billed with a 24 to 30 inch wing span. It seems to be all black and has
bright red chevrons or stipes on the undersides of each wing. I can't tell
if the stripes are on top of the wings. There doesn't seem to be any other
colors or white markings."

I am wondering if the storms blew in a bird that is not typically seen
here. Anyone have any ideas? I suggested to him to try and get a photo.

Marty McClelland
Durham, NC

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