Date: 4/9/17 7:23 am
From: Garry Kessler <gkessler001...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Re: Amusing Purple Sandpiper, photo
For those interested I'm adding a little video to this post. I know
that with advances digital technology more people have become
interested in taking pictures and some are pursuing audio and video
capture. The latter two can be particularly interesting as they
permit the capture of behaviors in ways that stills are not as good at.

This clip is my first, unplanned experiment with video taken by my
DSLR. It's 3 minutes of typical purple sandpiper behavior at high
tide (not feeding). It's been edited and accompanied by some native
American flute I'd made for another purpose. See what you think and
maybe it'll inspire some others to capture more interesting behavioral clips.

Garry Kessler
Westborough, MA

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