Date: 4/8/17 3:22 pm
From: Gerco H <drgerco...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Lucketts Area
After dropping of the trash, I birded southeast of Lucketts along Spinks Ferry, Limestone School, Hibbler Rds and White Ferry Regional Park.

Along Spinks Ferry I found a couple American Kestrels, a few Common Ravens, 3 Horned Larks and 2 American Pipits. My first of season Barn Swallow was seen too while observing the Pipits. A Sharpie flew into few and that was it for the show. All birds scatter so I moved on as well.

Limestone School Rd was quiet with a few more Kestrels and a Northern Harrier. Eastern Meadowlarks were loudly announcing that it was spring.

Hibbler Rd was decent for birding with a few White-crowned Sparrow still present. Field and Chipping Sparrow were heard singing at several locations.

The winds kept birds down at White's Ford, but still several good species were seen including 3 Blue-winged Teal on the Potomac River and a couple Wood Ducks. Tree Swallows, Barn Swallow and Purple Martins all were seen. Fun it was to encounter a group of about 5-7 bright yellow Palm Warblers. Light was decent so I managed to take a few photos.

At home A pair of Purple Finches was visiting the feeders and a couple Bald Eagle came soring over.

Happy Birding

Leesburg, VA
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