Date: 4/7/17 10:33 pm
From: Joshua Rose <opihi...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Western Mass Birders reports
Hi MassBirders,

I’ve been a bit too busy to relay sightings this week, but Western Mass Birders on FaceBook has been very busy with new spring arrivals and particularly waterfowl migration. I’ve even gotten to see a few birds myself for once… Barton Cove has been especially good, with at least 16 duck species and 2 grebes reported, and tallies well over 100 for Ring-necked Ducks and Common Mergansers and over 200 for Tree Swallows. A quick recap of the most eye-catching reports this week (other than those that have already been shared here):

April 2 - Yellow-rumped Warbler, Norwottuck Rail Trail near Station Road, Dawn Winkler & Harvey Allen
American Wigeon, Tri-town Beach, Stephen Baker
Snow Goose, Tri-town Beach, Sheila Derosier
Northern Shrike, Worthington yard, Sue Porada Lewis
Winter Wren, Stebbins Refuge, Michele Moore

April 3 - American Wigeon & Green-winged Teal, Hadley Cove, Josh Rose
Horned Grebe, N. Pintail, & GW Teal, Arcadia MAS, Joe Oliverio & Larry Therrien & Dave McLain
50+ GW Teal, 50+ Wood Duck, and 70+ Killdeer, Pilgram Airport, Larry Therrien

April 4 - Palm Warbler, Turners Falls Rod & Gun Club, Josh Rose
Lesser Scaup, Quabbin Winsor Dam, Larry Therrien
Bonaparte’s Gull, Cheshire Lake, Jonathan Pierce
Long-tailed Duck, Lesser Scaup & RB Merg, Onota Lake, Jonathan Pierce
Lesser BB Gull, Five Mile Pond, Lois Richardson

April 5 - Pine Warblers, Quabbin Park, Larry Therrien
Eastern Towhee, Amherst yard/Amethyst Brook Conservation Area, Josh Rose

April 6 - White-winged Scoter, N Rough-winged Swallows & American Wigeon, Barton Cove, Josh Rose
Greater Yellowlegs, Meadow St Fields, Keenan Yakola
Barn Swallow, Northampton Oxbow, Keenan Yakola
Bonaparte’s Gull & RB Merg, Barton Cove, Greg Watkevich
Northern Shovelers, Barton Cove, Peter Gagarin
Eastern Towhee, South Hadley yard, Anthony Hill
RB Mergs, Lake Pontoosuc, Jonathan Pierce
RN Grebe, RB Merg & Gadwall, Onota Lake, Jonathan Pierce
N Pintail, GW Teal, Tri-town Beach, Jeremy Coleman

April 7 - Great Egret, Cheshire Reservoir, Jacob Morris-Siegel
Red-throated Loon & Horned Grebe, Congamond Middle Pond, Dorrie Holmes
Snow Geese (20+), Ashfield, Nancy Marshall
Iceland Gull, Meadow St Fields, Larry Therrien & Keenan Yakola

Lots of woodcock, snipe, phoebes, cowbirds, Tree & Rough-winged Swallows, Fox Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows, Purple Finches, Hermit Thrushes, kestrels, and several Osprey and harriers in multiple locations on various dates. Also Hooded Mergansers all over the place, and Common Mergs in large numbers, triple-digit totals on several bodies of water.

And I probably missed a few things too… Gotta love spring migration!

Good birding!


Joshua S. Rose, Ph.D.
Amherst, MA

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