Date: 4/7/17 12:17 pm
From: Mike Patterson <celata...>
Subject: [obol] RBA: Slaty-backed Gull at Wireless Rd this morning
The wind was pretty stiff this morning and that brought gulls to
Wireless Rd. The numbers were no as overwhelming as they can be
when the Mew Gulls take over, but there were still about 1000 gulls
in the pastures.

On the west side of the long stretch, I saw a very dark adult gull
the mantle was that indescribably dark, dark gray, obviously much
darker than any of the Western Gulls around it. It had a pale eye
with a hint of a dark "angry bird" eye streak, but otherwise showed
no head streaking.

I watched first with binoculars and then my scope for several minutes
while it feed with other birds. It them flew. I very clearly saw a
double row of white terminal and subterminal spots that was quite
striking and would not be expected on a Western Gull. The bird was
too far away to see details like leg color or bill shape.

The bird appeared to fly to a part of the pasture that is nearly
impossible to see into. I spent an additional hour sorting through
gulls hoping it might reappear in a spot where I might get a photo
to no avail.

Other Gulls seen:
Bonaparte's Gull 30+
Mew Gull 60+
Ring-billed Gull 20
Thayer's Gull 2 (at least)
Herring Gull 20+
Glaucous Gull 3
Western Gull 200+
Gl-Winged Gull 200+
West/G-w Gulls 500+
non WxGW hybrids present

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
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