Date: 4/7/17 6:14 am
From: Joel Geier <joel.geier...>
Subject: [obol] [Fwd: [birding] Corvallis Cassin's Vireo]
To add to the discussion of the Cassin's Vireo reports from Eugene,
here's a March 30th sighting from Corvallis that I neglected to forward.

From: Don Boucher <donaboucher...>
To: Mid Valley Birding <birding...>
Subject: [birding] Corvallis Cassin's Vireo
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2017 21:46:31 +0000


I was just north of Goss Stadium at OSU today and got a good look at a
CASSIN'S VIREO. I watched it carefully for about 5 minutes, just to be
sure. It's early in the migratory season for this species. Perhaps it's
just an oddball. I remember Lisa and I found one nearby, on Philomath
Blvd., in January 2011.

Anyway, I found the bird because I was watching a pair of Black-capped
Chickadees explore tree cavities and this vireo stumbled across my field of

Don Boucher
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