Date: 4/6/17 10:15 am
From: Linda Fink <linda...>
Subject: [obol] a general invite to play the feather game on the Fink Family Farm
For those of you who don't know what the feather game is, it consists of
throwing white feathers into the air and watching the tree and
violet-green swallows swoop down and grab one, drop it, another grabs
it, drops it, etc., etc., until one finally manages to hold on long
enough to stuff it into one of our many gourd nest boxes. It is aerial
warfare when the Violent Greens participate. And lots of fun to watch.
Just ask Chuck Gates or Paul Sullivan.

Show up at the Fink Family Farm any time between 10 a.m. and noon on any
Sat. or Sunday in April when it doesn't happen to be pouring rain or
windy. (We have other birds to see here, too, like a gazillion Calif.
Quail.) It would be best if you let me know you are coming, but last
minute notification is okay. 503-474-8122.

If you need directions, email <linda...> Address is 23000 SW Grand
Ronde Rd., Grand Ronde, OR. But unless you know the territory, that
won't help much, even with your GPS. Our long driveway has Burma Shave
type signs along it asking you to slow down for the birds. If you don't
see signs, you're in the wrong driveway.

I provide the feathers, thanks to Velta Mack who gathers shed feathers
from her geese for me every year.

The swallows and I would be happy to see you.

Linda Fink

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