Date: 4/5/17 7:53 pm
From: Vinod Babu <pavinodbabu...>
Subject: Re: [GABO-L] Piedmont Park Warbler- Possible Cerule@n, Fulton Co.
Turns out it was a different warbler after all, a PRAIRIE WARBLER. Sounds
slightly different from other prairie warblers I have heard, that's my
excuse! Thanks Michelle, Georgann and Shannon!

Vinod Babu
Atlanta, GA


On 5 April 2017 at 21:25, Vinod Babu <pavinodbabu...> wrote:

> Hello all,
> After spotting the Ring-necked Ducks, Jamie and I ran into a warbler flock
> in the trees on the northern shore of the Piedmont Park Lake between the
> Active Oval and the bridge crossing the lake. In a flock of mostly
> Yellow-rumped Warblers, there was an Orange-crowned Warbler and a singing
> bird (only heard) that we could not ID satisfactorily. I recorded the song,
> and have attached the recordings in the Dropbox link below. The song was a
> bit buzzier than in the recording, which has been through a noise-reduction
> program. I cannot decide between Cerule@n Warbler and Black-thro@ated
> Blue Warbler, and of course it might be something else entirely.
> Would appreciate it if someone could help ID what this bird might be. The
> video can be played on the Dropbox website itself, or downloaded and played
> on your device. Both can be done without having a Dropbox account.
> Thanks, and hope everyone is staying safe in this stormy weather!
> Vinod Babu
> Atlanta, GA

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