Date: 4/5/17 4:29 pm
From: Rodger Rang <rrang...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Marsh; More CATEs-- April 5 Evening
In between rain showers, I returned to the area after supper and had these main highlights:

Serv-All Ponds:
Gadwall- 6
American Wigeon- 6
Blue-winged Teal- 5
Northern Shoveler- 15
Green-winged Teal- 2
Double-crested Cormorant- 95

Eagle Marsh basins on either side of the start of the new berm trail:
Ring-necked Duck- 2
Lesser Scaup- 6
Numerous other distant, small gray blobs not ID'd

West end of Eagle Marsh-- More N. Shovelers and both teal, plus these:
Great Egret- 7 in basin east of pump road
Accipiter species- 1 adult; quick fly-by; smallish size and wimpy flight style suggested Sharpie, but not positive
Caspian Tern- 2; flew NE up the property without pausing

Rodger Rang
Fort Wayne
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