Date: 4/4/17 11:20 pm
From: fiddlenurs via Colorado Birds <cobirds...>
Subject: [cobirds] a tale of kindness and humor
No rare birds in this story but I wanted to tell it anyway.

A Canada goose had gotten his legs entangled in fishing line. It had gone on for several days before I heard about it so, by then, he was starting to lose ground. He was able to maneuver enough to get into the air and then the pond, making it challenging to capture him. Nonetheless, with the help of one of my fiddle students and a neighbor, we were able to capture him and cut off the line on his legs. YAY!
So, this aforementioned fiddle student is a physician's assistant who has studied wildlife in the past and had helped with capturing and banding wild geese. (He also wrote a paper on overwintering birds of North Carolina...)
While working out our plan to capture the goose, Jason (P.A) recalled a story of capturing a swan for tagging with a fellow masters student. The student tucked the swan's neck under his arm as Jason banded the swan. The swan, however, having a longer neck than a goose, was able to swing his head around and bite Jason's friend's nipple nearly completely off!! Luckily, Jason, being in the medical profession, was able to stitch the nipple back on.
I'm sure there were many lessons learned with the swan tagging incident....wear a shirt...plan ahead for a long neck...find another job...Like I said, any number of lessons.
There you have it!
Thanks, Deb Carstensen, Arapahoe County


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