Date: 4/4/17 10:18 am
From: world oceans <world.oceans7...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Huie ponds,Clayton Co.
Fairly quiet at Huie this morning, after last night's rain and high water
levels. No sign of the Uppie recently reported...I checked grassy areas
around the perimeter as well. Here is my list between 0930h-1145h :

14 Canada geese
5 Mallard
2 Bluewinged teal
24 N. Shoveler
5 Greenwinged teal
2 Bufflehead
13 Double-cr.Cormorant
3 Great blue heron
6 Black vulture
1 Turkey vulture
1 N.Harrier - a big beautiful creamy cinnamon juvenile, appeared briefly
over middle ponds
1 Sharp-shinned hawk
5 Killdeer
4 Least sandpiper
2 Semipalmated sandpiper
2 peep sp?
All the peep were in northeast pond
3 Lesser yellowlegs
1 Rock pigeon
3 Mourning dove
1 Am. kestrel female
1 Blue Jay
8 Am Crow
1 Fish Crow
2 Roughwinged swallow
155 Tree swallow
2 Barn swallow
2 Carolina wren
6 E. Bluebird

2 Am Robin
1 Brown thrasher
12 N mockingbird
5 Starling
1 Chipping sparrow
1 Savannah sparrow
5 Song sparrow
1 Swamp sparrow
4 Ruf-sided towhee
6 Redwinged blackbird
1 Grackle

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