Date: 4/4/17 9:11 am
From: Mary Schatz (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Semi OT: Trip recommendations North Carolina
I am feeling the need for some large water/beach nature rejuvenation time.
I have never been to the Carolinas (or many places actually)
It is approx a 12 hour drive from SW Ohio to Cape Hatteras NC. I drive
8-10 hours at a time so a destination to stop
overnight on the way down or back would be great.

This would be next week or the week after. I am shooting for 3 nights in
the area, maybe 4 plus 2 travel nights although sometimes I push through.

I would appreciate any general information for birding/nature areas to poke
around in and trip recommendations. Should I hit some place a little
south, spend the night and work my way up the coast? I know absolutely
zero about it but will of course also being trying to find info online as
well. I do know about ebird and can find hot spots but how to prioritize in
terms of say is it worth going out of your way for, places to stay etc.

On my last trip I found out after I got there that nature area tours,
lectures were only on certain days or required signing up in advance. If
anyone knows of places to research times in advance that would be great.

I have no target birds per se. I suppose I am more interested in
"volume". I.e. I would rather watch bigger numbers of common birds than an
area with few birds but a rare species if that makes any sense at all.

Thank you in advance,

Mary, SW Ohio

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