Date: 4/3/17 2:39 pm
From: <mitch...>
Subject: [texbirds] Utopia stuff and Short-tailed HawkS at Lost Maples SNA

Hi all,

There were two light morph Short-tailed Hawk interacting over
the pond up Can Creek at Lost Maples SNA today Apr. 3. There
was also a pair of Broad-winged Hawk interacting there which
seemed clearly male and female. There is also a first spring
Red-shouldered Hawk there to keep confusion potential level high.
Was maybe 10:30 a.m. or so when we had them. They appeared,
disappeared, and re-appeared multiple times, the pair always
together. James Smith, Jim Cain, and Alan Cohen were with me.
We had great extended views of a great show.

There were a couple White-tipped Dove at the trailhead feeding
station, the male displaying at the female, chasing her around.
I heard Olive and Rufous-crowned Sparrow, we had great looks
at singing male Scott's Oriole. Lots of migrant Orange-crowned
and a few Nashville Warbler, 2 Myrtle. Good numbers of Black & White
Warbler. Heard a couple Louisiana Waterthrush. We saw a few
Golden-cheeked Warbler (heard a dozen+), including one very well
that was likely feeding a female on a nest. Saw a couple and
heard more Black-capped Vireo. Females are in now too.

Yesterday around Utopia we heard a White-tipped Dove north of
the park, singing Olive Sparrow and Black-capped Vireo on
private property, saw Green Kingfisher (they had a Ringed King
the evening before). We saw Zone-tailed Hawk (cruise around north
end of town) over the gas station, and the Cave Swallows are
nest-building at the bank across the street.

Not in yet (as expected) at Lost Marbles were Red-eyed Vireo or
Acadian Flycatcher and Eastern Wood-Pewee. Only a couple or four
Yellow-throated Vireo and Summer Tanager, still low in number.
Heard several Canyon Wren of course.

happy hawking!

Mitch Heindel
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