Date: 4/3/17 10:00 am
From: Mark J. Greenfield <markgreenfield...>
Subject: [obol] Purple Finch??
Okay OBOLers, solve this one for me. A short while ago I saw a finch at our feeder, but I couldn’t tell if it was a purple finch or house finch. It had a deeply notched tail and lacked distinctive streaking underneath, which guides me towards purple finch. It also had bold auriculars like a purple finch. But I did not notice a slight crest, and more importantly, the facial and breast color of the bird was pale yellow, not red. Over the years I have seen house finches that were more yellowish or orange in color, but never a purple finch. Does this happen? I’ve been looking for the bird to return, but no luck yet.

Mark Greenfield
14745 NW Gillihan Road
Portland, Oregon 97231
(503) 227-2979

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