Date: 4/3/17 10:01 am
From: Todd Kiraly <tkiraly...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Prairie Falcon/Power Generating Station T-shirt Designed
Good day all,

Hope those who have had a chance to view the activities of the Prairie Falcon, at the old Potomac Power Generating Station, have enjoyed their visit. I’ve made a few visits and have been inspired to do a t-shirt of this brand new visitor because of its rarity to this area (first reported sighting DC/VA that I’m aware of); the aerial acrobats/interactions with the local avians (nice to see a full array of falcon flight activity); and the industrial look of the backdrop “stage” (Potomac Power Generating Station). With that in mind here is a link to view the shirt in a couple of colors and styles. <>

I will also send along this link of some of my photographs, of the Prairie Falcon. for those that may be interested— I will say that my luck with capturing this falcon with a nice, blue sky background has been fleeting as it seems to leave the area under “perfect conditions”. I certainly would like to know where it has been wondering off to during bright, daylight conditions.

I hope it sticks around like the Sully Woodlands Shrike for more folks to enjoy.

Todd Kiraly,
Arlington, VA
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