Date: 4/3/17 9:23 am
From: Mark J. Greenfield <markgreenfield...>
Subject: [obol] Spring bird migration
I was checking our records for arrival dates of First of Year spring migrants today and thought OBOL readers might find some of this interesting. Common yellowthroats, which first arrived yesterday, have arrived between April 2 and April 6 in five of the past six years. So they are right on time. Brown-headed cowbirds arrived between April 1 and April 8 in three of the last five years, so I expect to see them any day now. Last year we got our first purple martin on April 2, but more typically, they come two weeks later. Barn swallows usually arrive around the 11-16th of April. Same for Vaux’s swift and house wren. Our first Wilson’s warbler typically arrives at the very end of April or first few days in May. Same for Bullock’s oriole, Western tanager, Black-headed grosbeak and warbling vireo. Cedar waxwing, Western wood pewee and Swainson’s thrush arrive in mid May.

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