Date: 4/2/17 9:04 pm
From: Barbara Combs <bcombs232...>
Subject: [obol] Alvadore Snow Goose; Richardson Park open
I visited the end of Starlite Lane in Alavdore this afternoon. As soon as I arrived, I heard gunshots coming from the north. All the geese that were in that area rose up and headed toward me. I scanned the groups of birds, and found a Snow Goose in a tight-knit group with
5 Canada Geese. It was only a little bit smaller than they were, and I could see that it had a bill too large too be that of a Ross's Goose. They were headed toward Fern Ridge Reservoir. When I birded there at Richardson Park later in the day, there were no geese in view.

Richardson Park, on the northwest corner of the reservoir, is now open for marina area users, but the long parking lot and picnic area on the north side are still closed to vehicles. Not a single bird was on the reservoir, and from my boat ramp area vantage point the only bird I detected was a Northern Flicker.

Barbara Combs
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