Date: 4/2/17 8:53 pm
From: HARRY FORBES <hforbes...>
Subject: [texbirds] In Memoriam

Last week, the Texbirding community lost another one of its dedicated birders....and I lost one of my best friends.
Ronny Moore, a retired NASA rocket scientist from Houston, was responsible for getting me interested in birding almost 10 years ago.  Since both of us were retired by then, we had the time to pursue birds wherever they might be found in the continental US....and covered literally thousands of miles by car from one side of the US to the other in doing so....from CA to FL and from TX to MN and many places in between.
Shortly after we returned from our FL trip in the spring of 2014, Ronny was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing form of dementia.  He lost the battle last week and was laid to rest this afternoon at Osage Cemetery near his birthplace of Clifton in central TX.
Since neither of us could hear the high frequencies any more, we needed help wherever we went.  For him....and for me....I'd like to thank the following TX birders who were instrumental in whatever success we had:
Greg Lavaty/Jon McIntyre/Jack Chiles/Brady Surber (now deceased)/Carolyn Stallwitz (now deceased)/Carolyn Ohl/Gil Eckrich/and Anthony Hewetson.
So many goodbyes.....and so few hellos......
Harry Forbes (San Antonio and Port Alto)

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