Date: 4/2/17 6:28 pm
From: Eli DePaulis <elidepaulis1...>
Subject: Adams County Birds of Note and FOY Osprey
PA Birders,
Today I had my FOY Osprey here in Adams County. I spotted the lone bird perched on a snag overlooking a pond on the way back from a fishing trip. It was close to Lake Meade, which has quite a few Osprey. It probably just returned and hadn't found the main lake yet. Also, while driving to another fishing hole today, I had a nice look at a male Northern Harrier outside of York Springs. Then when I arrived at that hole I was greeted by a pair of Buffle Heads which were a first for me on Latimore Creek. I've seen plenty of Mallards and Wood Duck on Latimore Creek, but never Buffle Head.

The fishing was good (5 brown trout total), but the birding was better. Also as an FYI for all the wildflower enthusiasts out their, the Virginia Blue Bells are out along some of the creeks. Quite pretty.

Good Birding,

Eli DePaulis
York Springs, PA
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