Date: 4/2/17 3:38 pm
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Sauvie Island Sandhill Cranes and water levels

Just as an fyi on events out at Sauvie Island (Multnomah and Columbia
County), the north end of island is experiencing a flood event that is not
like '96 but still an impressive sight. Not sure if it is related to water
levels, but a large group of Sandhill Cranes has been along Reeder Rd just
beyond where Gillihan Rd splits off. I counted 100 cranes and did not put a
dent in the crowd, I put 1000 into ebird, but there are more.

Rentenaar Rd is not flooded, but there is nothing but water beyond the dike
at the end of road.

The river has breached the dike along the Warrior Rock trail . The sand
cliffs that had a small Bank Swallow colony has been filled in with sand
and the bank is now only a few feet tall, these were 6-8 foot cliffs here
the past few years. We shall see if the river takes the sand back out when
it drops.

The fields along Reeder Rd at Collins Beach are flooded as usual but much
larger area, they are supporting a huge flock of Lesser Scaup and other
ducks and mergs.

Willow Bar is better than last weekend, but river is up into the woods.

For those that know the Bank Swallow colony, here is a photo of the new
cliffs, the river has dropped a bit, it had lapped right up over the edge
on to the grass.

Bob Archer

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