Date: 4/2/17 12:32 pm
From: Robert Snyder <birdphotoginpa...>
Subject: Golden-crowned Kinglets Hunters Cut, BESP
Hello All,
I saw and photographed 5 Golden-crowned Kinglets where the old road Sayers Dam ends at Sunken Rd.

Isn't technology grand!!!!???

These 3 photos were sent to my phone via wifi (parked in the car), edited and cropped with the Photoshop App, and now sent to you via email from my phone. And to think, I only had cardboard boxes and crayons and an etch-a-sketch as a child!

Also, the park BE's are nesting on the cove-side of the park this year. I watched one adult land at the nest, while the other adult was on the nest

Good Birding,

Bob Snyder

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