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?Hi Lona,

If a Rufous Hummingbird chased off purple-throated one, I would guess it is a Calliope, rather than a Costa's. Calliopes cannot compete with the Rufous hummers, but the Costa's hummer won't back down. Several years ago, we had a female Costa's at our house. I knew I had something different before I could put the bins on her because she ran off any and all Rufous that dared approach 'her' feeder. She returned for three years in a row; always to molt and grow tail feathers, which took about five weeks.



Dr. Jim Moodie
Science Dept
Bend, OR 97701
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A couple of day's ago my adult son asked if any hummingbirds had purple on them. He saw what he thought was purple on a hummer trying to access a feeder on our patio, only to be instantly chased off by a rufous. I watched on and off for the rest of the day, but never saw it. With a couple of recent obol reports of Costa's, he could have actually seen one. He knows what Anna's and rufous hummers look like. Wish I'd seen it to be able to verify, plus it'd be a first for my yard!

Lona Pierce,

Columbia County
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