Date: 4/1/17 11:01 pm
From: Aidan Place <placea...>
Subject: Eared Grebe and Others -- Northwestern PA
I returned late last night from a birding trip to Panama so I was, of
course, anxious to get out birding again in PA, so this morning Jack
Chaillet, Sameer Apte, Michael Auda, and myself went birding in
Northwestern PA.

We started at Tieline Rd to try for Lapland longspur. Unfortunately, the
one large flock of American pipit and horned larks we had was completely
obscured by grass every time it landed so we couldn't make out any
longspurs. However, we had 4 rusty blackbirds and 2 wood ducks in the
surrounding fields.

Our next stop was Kahle lake where we located the continuing eared grebe as
well as the following other waterbirds:
Long-tailed duck (6)
Horned grebe
Lesser scaup
Common loon (4)
Ruddy duck
Ring-necked duck
Hooded merganser

We then moved on to Shenango Resevoir where we had the following birds
around the propagation ponds:
Northern pintail
Northern shoveller
Lesser scaup
Ring-necked duck
Green-winged teal
American wigeon
Common loon
American black duck
Wood duck
American coot

Lastly we stopped at Volant Strips where we had the following:
Northern harrier
Horned lark
Bonaparte's gull
Wilson's snipe
Sandhill crane
American tree sparrow
Savannah sparrow

At the nearby Shaner Rd. ponds we added redhead and greater scaup to the
day list plus some of the more common waterfowl.

Good birding,
Aidan Place
Allegheny County
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