Date: 4/1/17 10:03 pm
From: Vinod Babu <pavinodbabu...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail (Walker Co., GA)
Hello all,

A few friends and I made our annual spring trip today to the Shirley Miller
Wildflower Trail at Pigeon Mountain in NW Georgia. The place is
better-known for wildflowers and invertebrates than birds, but today we
were greeted at the entrance by two Broad-winged Hawks circling over the
mountain, calling repeatedly. They stayed around for most of our walk, and
at one point we think the male attempted to copulate with the perched
female. We also heard three vireo species (red-eyed, yellow-throated and
white-eyed), Louisiana Waterthrush and a single Black-Throated Green
Warbler. Yellow-rumped Warblers and Ruby-Crowned Kinglets are singing now.
In the cultivated/fallow areas around the mountain we saw Eastern
Meadowlarks, Barn Swallows and a possible Purple Martin. Field Sparrows
were heard as well.

The wildflowers at this location were spectacular, as always. Interesting
sights elsewhere on this mountain include Ellison's Blue Hole, the flooded
entrance to a cave system; Rock Town, an assortment of fantastical rock
formations on top of the mountain; and an endemic salamander species.

Vinod Babu
Atlanta, GA

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