Date: 4/1/17 6:43 pm
From: Nicholas Lund <nicholas.lund...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Little and Black-headed Gulls at Diamond Point Rd. -- Back River
Jason Hoeksema and I refound an alternative adult Black-headed Gull in the
flats in the Back River from Diamond Point Rd. this afternoon at 4pm. The
bird stood out among the hundreds of Bonaparte's Gulls as having a complete
hood (I don't think we saw any Bonies that didn't have at least some
remnant white spotting on the hood, and the vast majority are still basic
plumaged), and blood-red legs as compared to the candy red Bonie legs.

Scanning through the flock we were also lucky to spot a basic plumage adult
Little Gull, easily identifiable in flight with very dark underwings. The
bird was very easily lost in the crowd when it was not flying, but it was
noticeably smaller than the Bonaparte's. We saw both these birds from the
Back River Restoration Boom Site, but were only able to refind the BHGU
when we tried to move closer.

Also present were a single Caspian Tern, Peregrines, Osprey, and Bald
Eagles, a singing Palm Warbler, and other welcome signs of spring.

Good birding,
Nick Lund
Alexandria, DC

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