Date: 4/1/17 6:12 pm
From: Ted Floyd <tedfloyd57...>
Subject: Re: [cobirds] Burrowing Owls and security guards, Adams county
Glenn, we're trying to get the community college woods in Lamar, Prowers
County, designated a sanctuary hotspot, but so far to no avail. See for


(This is one of two known instances in which Floyd family members have made
it into the *Lamar Ledger* crime blotter. No foolin'.)

Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Sanctuary City, Boulder County

P.s. Check THIS out:

We the people of Lafayette, Colorado, declare alignment with the Seven
Generations principle of the indigenous First Nations and understand the
environment as common to all and base our actions upon its indefinite
We the People of the City of Lafayette, Colorado, find that global
environmental destruction, which includes degradation to the climate, ecosystems,
flora, fauna, land, and water, constitutes an emergency that threatens our
very survival;
All residents and ecosystems of the City of Lafayette possess a right to a
healthy climate, which shall include the right to be free from all
activities that interfere with that right, including the extraction of
coal, oil, or gas, or disposal of drilling waste within the City of
*All residents of the City of Lafayette possess the right to enforce this

*If the City of Lafayette fails to enforce or defend this law, or a
courtfails to uphold this law, any person may enforce this law through
nonviolent direct action. If nonviolent direct action is taken to enforce
the provisions of this law, law enforcement personnel employed by the City
of Lafayette shall be prohibited from arresting or detaining persons
directly enforcing this law.*

And you thought the City of Boulder, proper, was leftist! They ain't got
nothin' on us out in the People's Republic of Lafayette!

On Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 5:54:59 PM UTC-6, Glenn Walbek, Castle Rock,
CO wrote:
> I just read the ABA has implemented 'sanctuary hot spots', where birders
> can bird freely without fear of intimidation, deportation, or ID
> questioning. Below is a partial list of these hot spots..
> Walden Ponds
> Baseline Reservoir
> Gregory Canyon
> Valmont Reservoir
> Greenlee Preserve
> Glenn Walbek
> Castle Rock, CO

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