Date: 4/1/17 5:34 pm
From: Robert Guth <bobwgfsa...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Madison County Townsend's Solitaire Update
The Madison County Townsend's Solitaire from January has now extended to April 1 at Old Perkinsville Cemetery. I stopped to see the bird on February 25 and Feb 28 but missed it both days because those days had strong cold southwest winds and the bird was hiding elsewhere from the weather. Today was cloudy but light northerly wind. I arrived at 8:04 on a cloudy morning one-half hour after sunrise. The Solitaire was sitting on gravestones and grabbing food from the ground. I found the bird within a minute. As I sat in my car, I saw it at 8:05 until 8:14, at 8:21, at 8:34 to 8:37, at 8:57 to 9:02, and at 9:43 to 9:48. Several times it was only 15'or 20 feet from the car. It was definitely more often seen in the first hour, but was always seen every half hour. I left at 9:56. Others saw the bird later in the morning. E-bird data of similar sightings in Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio had birds staying to April 20 and into May, so keep looking. Those are extremes, as many birds leave sooner, but that is what could happen. We won't find it if we do not look.

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