Date: 4/1/17 5:17 pm
From: John Thomas <johnpam...>
Subject: [obol] First of Year OC Warbler and Band-tailed Pigeons
Had our FOY Orange-crowned Warbler today. Immediately went around house to nectar on Flowering Red Currant. (Seven blooming here right now ) Had Acorn Woodpeckers (very intermittent feeder birds) a couple days ago on suet. On Wednesday we had three FOY Band-tailed Pigeons on backyard "stump feeder." The wave of Band-tails has not come in yet.

Feeder area birds are taking a big hit 2016-2017 from a Sharpie blasting out of the woodlot. The California Quail flock (about 20) seems to be holding better against the Sharpie than the usual Cooper's Hawk shredding feeder area. Quail roost in a thicket of bamboo by the old outbuilding behind our house. Coyotes don't have a chance to get them...Interesting to see them pop in and out of bamboo at sunset and sunrise...

John Thomas
NE of Silverton
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