Date: 4/1/17 5:00 pm
From: Ted Floyd <tedfloyd57...>
Subject: [cobirds] Of sage thrashers, sandhill cranes, strange coincidences, and the inevitable arbitrariness of eBird
Okay, that sounds like the beginning of a really lame April Fools joke,
but, actually, it's a true story. Here goes...

Yesterday, Friday, March 31, Andrew Floyd and I had an errand to run, and
we just happened to be in the vicinity of Prince Lake No. 2, eastern
Boulder County, where we saw a drive-by *sage thrasher
<>.* It was raining, and I was
lazy, so we just snapped a few photos from the car. I sort of brought the
car to a stop. Then, this Saturday morning, Apr. 1, Hannah Floyd and I had
an errand to run in the exact same vicinity of eastern Boulder County, so
we stopped by--you guessed it--Prince Lake No. 2, where we saw a drive-by *sandhill
crane <>.* Same deal as the day
before: rainy, lazy, sort of stopped the car, snapped a few photos from the
car, and continued on our way.

Now here's where the story gets weird.

When I went to eBird the 3/31 sage thrasher, the smart search
("S"..."A"...) took me to s-a-n-d-h-i-l-l, but not to s-a-g-e, because sage
thrasher trips the Boulder County filter in March, but sandhill crane does
not. As to the 4/1, sandhill crane, it was déja vu all over again: The
eBird smart search ("S"..."A"...) returned s-a-g-e, but not
s-a-n-d-h-i-l-l, because sandhill crane trips the Boulder County filter in
April, but sage thrasher does not. Is that freaky or what? And it reprises
a recent thread at the CFO Facebook site, wherein (certain) folks were
grousing about the (allegedly) too-tight filters for Colorado. I, for one,
consider the Colorado eBird filters to be set at just the right tension,
especially along the well-birded I-25 corridor. And, well, you have to draw
boundaries somewhere (3/31 for *SA*ge thrasher, 4/1 for *SA*ndhill crane,
etc.), and I coincidentally got burned twice: Same place, same car, same
situation, *SA*me first two letters. Even Bill Kaempfer couldn't have
devised such a scheme.

Over at the nearby Greenlee Preserve–Waneka Lake–Thomas Open Space–Hecla
Pond ecological complex, eastern Boulder County, things were decently birdy
this dreary Saturday morning, Apr. 1: among 40 species, a pair of *wood
ducks,* a drake *hooded merganser,* molting *horned grebes,* a hybrid *northern
flicker,* a *prairie merlin,* *American bushtit *pairs, a singing *Rubicon
kinglet,* a latish *dark-eyed junco,* *white-crowned sparrows* on the move,
a *spotted towhee* that couldn't quite commit to singing a full song, and *common
grackles* out the wazoo. Photos, audio, and eBird checklist here:

Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County


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