Date: 4/1/17 4:55 pm
From: Glenn Walbek, Castle Rock, CO <juncos...>
Subject: Re: [cobirds] Burrowing Owls and security guards, Adams county
I just read the ABA has implemented 'sanctuary hot spots', where birders
can bird freely without fear of intimidation, deportation, or ID
questioning. Below is a partial list of these hot spots..
Walden PondsBaseline ReservoirGregory CanyonValmont ReservoirGreenlee
Glenn WalbekCastle Rock, CO

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I understand, and this why I encourage other birders not to let
themselves be pushed around for no particular good reason. I make
it a point never to pass a "private property" sign, to cross
fences or enter anywhere that says "keep out". However, I find
that more and more I am being harrassed for being in areas which
appear have public access. "Golf Cart Boy" out at Latham once
called the sheriff on me (he did it while I was standing there, so
I know he actually did it; I overheard the conversation). I just
stood there while he yelled at me that I was ignoring him, to
which I replied, "Yep". He left, but I waited around for the
authorities, who of course never appeared. They probably got a
good laugh out of his report of a miscreant birder. Anyway, if law
enforcement gives me a valid reason way I should vacate an area,
vacate I will. Yesterday's "officer" (who must have looking
desperately for a reason to justify her existence) just sputtered
about "DIA" and "private property" and really had no good reason
why I should leave the area.That's probably enough on this
subject. Please obey all property signs and follow the ABA Code of
Ethics. But I submit that there is no reason why birders should be
bullied just because we have a reputation for being rather

Norm LewisLakewood, CO

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Subject: Re: [cobirds] Burrowing Owls and security guards, Adams

That is funny, but as a Muslim birder this stuff is not much of a
joke to me. I am afraid to go on any birding expeditions out of
the country right now, or to even try to get on a plane to go
somewhere in this country. I was harassed and followed by
security once for birding at the Xeriscape Gardens in Colorado
Springs - apparently because it is owned by the local utility
company the fact that I had a scarf and binoculars made me a
terrorist. I just don't trust the 'authorities' are always going
to do the right thing because of my appearance. I have heard the
same thing from several birders of color. I encourage those of
you who are less marginalized to keep standing up when people push
you like that because you might be indirectly helping out someone
who wouldn't be able to do so.
Diana BeattyEl Paso County
On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 10:13 AM, Ira Sanders <zroadrunner14...>

April Fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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