Date: 4/1/17 12:48 pm
From: Stephen Rice <birdguy...>
Subject: [obol] new to obol, se Portland
Thank you neighbors Tom and Linda for introducing me to obol.

Approaching age 68, feel like Rip Van Winkle, dipping in and out of birding over the years, have avoided groups because believed I could travel quieter alone. Presently most alert to happenings a few blocks W of Mt Tabor in Portland, on my walks to and from work, walking the dog.

On this the last weekend of Project FeederWatch... Golden-crowns still here, filtering down out of the hedge en masse for hulled sunflower seeds on ground. Apparently same 3 White-crowns have been with them all winter, 2 adults and 1 juvenile. Both species singing this AM. Ruby-crowned song has begun, Bewick's singing, Robins caroling, Flickers wicking, pairs of House Finches nipping blossoms off flowering cherry tree, spring has sprung! Junco flocks gone, a pair remains. Last time Anna's were active at our nectar feeders was weekend of 3/4. After no hummers for a week we began to see individual Anna's and Rufous, interested in flowers and running water spout, appear done with feeders.

Unusual that not a single Varied Thrush or Chestnut-backed Chickadee visited here all winter. (while we were looking)

Yesterday an Orange-crowned Warbler took a quick splash in our birdbath, a first for me. Was chagrined to see that broken yellow eye-ring not shown in Peterson field guide, but elsewhere, and in photos. Does this mean I should have more than 1 field guide? lol

Thinking of putting up a baby monitor outside to better listen on chilly mornings when we have windows shut.

Pent-up questions:

1) sometimes, at all times of the year, crow(s) vocalize a musical-guttural "coal-coal-coal," or "cocoa-cocoa-cocoa." What are they saying?

2) is it unusual for Pacific Wren to sing from high up in a backyard Giant Sequoia?
I'm used to them way low in the forest.

3) do obol participants share news of mammals? Other wildlife? A few years ago someone close to me here in Portland had a Bushy-tailed Woodrat collect a silver buckle from a shoe in her closet.

4) there must be protocol re not being too specific about nest and den sites? Twice as a teen I enthusiastically shared such info with a grown-up and the Red Fox and Horned Owl families, respectively, suffered.

Good to be connected with you all...


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