Date: 4/1/17 12:42 pm
From: Ted Nichols II <tanicholsii...>
Subject: Re: April eBird challenge
Once you've started the checklist, the app shouldn't be using any real
battery-hogging features (data, gps, etc.), so you may wish to look at what
else you have running in the background. Also, it helps to try and walk
along and keep a mental tally of what you're seeing and needing to add so
you aren't firing up your display for every bird encountered to update your
list. Switching to airplane mode can also help on battery and may be useful
for areas birded where there isn't cell reception and your phone is
constantly searching for a tower.

Also, one small clarification eBird mobile never cost a penny. What you
paid for before was BirdLog and that was made by a commercial business and
Cornell bought that out and used it as the basis of eBird mobile. Your
money for BirdLog went to Birds in the Hand LLC not Cornell.

Ted Nichols II
Annville, Pa. (Lebanon County)

>> On Apr 1, 2017 7:18 AM, "Chuck Berthoud" <cbpabirds...> wrote:
> >>
> >> Hello PA Birders:
> >>
> >> The folks at Cornell Lab of Ornithology are promoting eBird Mobile this
> >> month. This is an app available on Apple or Android devices. Several
> years
> >> ago I paid $10 for the app but the write up says it is free so check for
> >> any subsequent cost.
> >>
> >> Using the app continuously in the field quickly drains my cell phone
> >> battery. Therefore I have returned to using the paper checklist while
> >> birding as I like to keep a running list rather than rely on my memory
> >> (think complete checklists). Still I prefer at least starting the
> checklist
> >> in the field which keeps track of the effort for me and often I enter
> short
> >> lists on the phone and submit them before leaving the area. If there no
> >> internet service the app works offline.
> >>
> >> Chuck Berthoud
> >>
> >> Board member, PA Society of Ornithology
> >>
> >> York County
> >>
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