Date: 4/1/17 11:13 am
From: Chris Goulart <cgoulart001...>
Subject: [cobirds] Breaking news. The Associated Press is reporting that Trump will be issuing an executive order
The associate of Chris President Trump has issued executive order to officially change the national bird from the bald eagle to the Rhode Island Red Rooster.

According to a source with the knowledge of president trumps decision the change was initiated yesterday. Edward Norton Smith, renowned presidential historian, was quoted as saying " President Trump seems hellbent to leave his mark on history as early as possible. Changing the national symbol from the eagle to the Rhode Island red will certainly accomplish this".

Experts agree that the road island red is in an usual choice for a national bird, but also agree that it is in keeping with trumps America first policies. The problem with the bald eagle is in Canada in large numbers as well as the United States. Whereas the Rhode Island red is a breed of chicken developed exclusively in the United States.

Unlike other legislative agenda items for the trumpet ministration, changing the national symbol can be accomplished by executive order.

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