Date: 4/1/17 8:18 am
From: Barbara Ritzheimer <barbritz...>
Subject: Re: April eBird challenge
I use eBird mobile all the time. I take along a portable power pack if I'm
birding all day in case I need to recharge the phone in the field. The
power pack isn't very large or heavy and easily fits in my pocket. I can
use my phone while it's being recharged. I can get up to three charges out
of this particular power pack. I've never needed more than one while out in
the field. I know not everyone will want to take another gadget along,
but it solves the power drain problem.
Barb Ritzheimer
Schuylkill County

On Apr 1, 2017 7:18 AM, "Chuck Berthoud" <cbpabirds...> wrote:

> Hello PA Birders:
> The folks at Cornell Lab of Ornithology are promoting eBird Mobile this
> month. This is an app available on Apple or Android devices. Several years
> ago I paid $10 for the app but the write up says it is free so check for
> any subsequent cost.
> Qualifying checklists for April’s eBird challenge will be those submitted
> from their Mobile software. There are a number of advantages to using their
> software which include ease of use, time in the field calculator, quick
> entry and fast location set up which is nice when using a recent location
> or finding the appropriate hot spot. Breeding codes can be added and media
> attachments from your device have gotten much simpler.
> Using the app continuously in the field quickly drains my cell phone
> battery. Therefore I have returned to using the paper checklist while
> birding as I like to keep a running list rather than rely on my memory
> (think complete checklists). Still I prefer at least starting the checklist
> in the field which keeps track of the effort for me and often I enter short
> lists on the phone and submit them before leaving the area. If there no
> internet service the app works offline.
> If you are attempting to qualify for the year-long 2017 Challenge, you
> should have submitted at least 90 checklists by the end of March to keep on
> track.
> Chuck Berthoud
> Board member, PA Society of Ornithology
> York County
> 717/608-2614 mobile
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