Date: 4/1/17 4:18 am
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: April eBird challenge
Hello PA Birders:

The folks at Cornell Lab of Ornithology are promoting eBird Mobile this
month. This is an app available on Apple or Android devices. Several
years ago I paid $10 for the app but the write up says it is free so
check for any subsequent cost.

Qualifying checklists for April’s eBird challenge will be those
submitted from their Mobile software. There are a number of advantages
to using their software which include ease of use, time in the field
calculator, quick entry and fast location set up which is nice when
using a recent location or finding the appropriate hot spot. Breeding
codes can be added and media attachments from your device have gotten
much simpler.

Using the app continuously in the field quickly drains my cell phone
battery. Therefore I have returned to using the paper checklist while
birding as I like to keep a running list rather than rely on my memory
(think complete checklists). Still I prefer at least starting the
checklist in the field which keeps track of the effort for me and often
I enter short lists on the phone and submit them before leaving the
area. If there no internet service the app works offline.

If you are attempting to qualify for the year-long 2017 Challenge, you
should have submitted at least 90 checklists by the end of March to keep
on track.

Chuck Berthoud

Board member, PA Society of Ornithology

York County

717/608-2614 mobile
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