Date: 3/31/17 9:08 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Ankeny Tufted Duck, Baskett Slough Y-h Blackbird
I looked for the Ankeny NWR Tufted Duck on Mar 14 in the rain for 4:30-6 PM
with no luck, so I didn't report.

I looked again Mar 30, 1-2:30 PM and found the bird WAAAYY at the back of
Pintail Marsh, diving a lot. Sometimes it was behind a screen of weeds in
the water. The wind was a challenge. I got in my vehicle and looked from
the window to stabilize my scope on 60X. Then it was a challenge to see
where it popped up after each dive. I finally got satisfying looks.

I went over to Baskett Slough about 4 PM and found a YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD
that made a brief appearance at the lone little tree on the north side of
the parking area at the narrows on Coville Rd. I also found WESTERN
MEADOWLARK near the restroom on Coville Rd.

Otherwise, lots of Coots... (not counting me)

Paul Sullivan
Subject: Ankeny Tufted Duck - NO
Date: Fri Mar 31 2017 19:21 pm
From: orfrigatebird AT
We checked Pintail and Eagle Marshes (about 2:30 in the afternoon). No TUDU
in either. Nothing remotely unusual at either marsh. (eg. no YHBL, NRWS,
etc.) Given the bird's propensity to leave Pintail Marsh to an unknown
location and return at random times, I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up
hours (or minutes) after we left.

Ashwin S.

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