Date: 3/31/17 7:10 pm
From: Brandon <flammowl17...>
Subject: [cobirds] Pueblo birds this past week
A few new migrant birds have shown up in Pueblo, this past week.
Tree, Violet-green, and Barn Swallows on (26 March), Burrowing Owl
(26-27 March), Greater Yellowlegs (28 March), three American Avocets
on (26 March and 28 March, different locations), Northern Rough-winged
Swallows (along with the other swallows mentioned above) on 28 March.
I saw Barn Swallows again on (30 March).

Eastern Phoebes continue at a couple locations around Pueblo as of
3/30. Black Phoebes are appearing more as well, I finally saw my
first two Pueblo County this year, on 30 March (at two different
locations). The singing Carolina Wren and singing Winter Wren
continue in Pueblo through 31 March. The wintering Spotted Sandpiper
was seen on 29 March. Two Common Loons were seen on 30 March (one in
breeding plumage). I think the Red-necked Grebe may have left, I
looked once this week, and didn't see it, though it can hide, it has
hiding places, that are difficult to get to. A couple adult Bald
Eagles were still around along the River on 30 March. Ospreys seem to
be everywhere, nesting on many of the Osprey platform nests around

Up in Fremont County, there was singing Black-throated Sparrow on 27
March. Also, saw Eastern Phoebes, Greater Yellowlegs, American White
Pelicans as well.

Hopefully the first week of April, gets more migrants around Pueblo.

Good birding,

Brandon Percival
Pueblo West, CO

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