Date: 3/31/17 5:20 pm
From: Kermit Henning <0000003ed26bf4fb-dmarc-request...>
Subject: More Eagles!
I drove along the Yellow Breeches Creek on McCormick Road today to check
the water level for tomorrow's trout opener. In a tall sycamore tree, an
eagle was perched on a limb eating a trout. In short order, another eagle came
and chased him off, the fish dropped to the water. These two flew around
the area for a few minutes before going downstream and out of sight. Both of
them had white heads and tails but still a lot of brown mixed in -
obviously not fully mature.
We drove farther down the road and there was yet another eagle in another
large sycamore tree along the creek. This was truly an immature bird, all
That makes 4 eagle sightings in 4 days! Magnificent birds well on their way

Kermit Henning
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