Date: 3/31/17 12:07 pm
From: Geoff Malosh <pomarine...>
Subject: Long-tailed Duck, Forster's Tern -- Allegheny Co.
This morning the two highlights at Dashields Dam were a single Forster's
Tern that flew through at 7:42 and a Long-tailed Duck that put down with a
flock of 14 Lesser Scaup and 9 Buffleheads at 7:51. The Forster's Tern tied
for the second time (2006, 2012) its earliest date on these spring migration
surveys at Dashields, and the Long-tailed Duck represented the second record
of a migrant on the Dashields watch. Also seen were three Bonaparte's Gulls,
the first Wood Duck of the year, and an Osprey, among the regulars.

I haven't been down to the dam as much this March as in most years, but have
been there a few mornings. Bonaparte's Gulls have been trickling through
since March 24, and small numbers of Ring-billed Gulls have been seen every
morning I've been there. No major push of gulls yet, though, and today was
the first day with any more than singles of various waterfowl. Also today in
the yard between rain showers, at least 3 Chipping Sparrows have been


Geoff Malosh

Allegheny County

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