Date: 3/31/17 6:33 am
From: ann maddock (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Update on wintering hummingbirds here in Buxton
Hi everyone

I have had many inquiries as to the status of the hummers wintering here in
the yard. Here's a brief update:

* adult male Anna's - was last observed March 15. I am reluctant to say,
definitively, he is gone as we were away starting March 16 and unable to
observe at any length since returning. He had increasingly expanded his
territory the last week or two and was only frequenting his feeder in mid
afternoon. Hopefully, over this weekend we will be able to spend some
quality time observing.

Wintering ruby throated hummingbirds:
* the two adult males were still here last weekend- finishing up molt on
their flight feathers... Retrices just growing in and P9,10 just fell out
recently with P 6,7,8 almost halfway in.

* female RTHUs - are still here, including the two most recently banded by
Susan on Jan. 15.

* young males abound- with 9 uniquely identifiable ( could be more but I
haven't had time to observe closely)

All of the young males from last fall are in varying phases of molting:
most have just this week lost their retrices, almost all have P6,7,8 lost
and growing in, P9, 10 still hanging on.

Needless to say, with almost all of the ruby throated molting their flight
feathers -- there is not a lot of activity or bickering or terrotrorial
chasing. Plus- there is a lot of food available in the sedge now: native
jasmine, live oaks, cross vines blooming, coral honeysuckle too. They
don't have to fly far to find plenty of insects and flowers.

I expect to see new arrivals any day now - this is the time new adult males
show up- had one breeding with a wintering banded female here on April 9 a
few years ago.

Ann Maddock <> Hatteras Island, NC

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