Date: 3/30/17 1:38 pm
From: <obol-bounce...>
Subject: [obol] Don't forget to Vote!
Like I almost forgot to remind everyone!

Please head over the OBA website at to vote for your
favorite photo!

Speaking of which, I'd also like to remind everyone that you can only vote
once per contest. I know it's tempting to vote two....three....even four
times, but it's extremely unfair to everyone else who participates in this
contest. Not only that, it won't get you anywhere. If we see multiple
votes from people, only their first one will count. The same principle
applies towards those trying to get leeway for their photo from other
people. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting more people to
vote, this contest is based around the beautiful BIRD submissions we get
every month, not the photographers. I would encourage you all to share the
webpage link I did above to direct your friends and family to see all of
the wonderful photos our community has taken, and then to take their vote
from there.

With all that said, happy voting and I hope I didn't ruin it for any one!
Zia Fukuda

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