Date: 3/30/17 10:45 am
From: Donald Sweig <skybirds.d...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Prairie falcon-YES
I saw and photographed the Prairie falcon from about 9:50 to about 10:15 this morning. It was perched on the lower rim of the most eastern of the two yellow tanks. About 10:15 it took off, made a dive down around behind the building and it was gone. About 10:45 I thought I saw it circle once over the little building by the railroad tracks.
Later about 11:45 I was standing over on the Riverside talking to someone and they said they saw it fly around the building. I left at 12:15 and did not see the bird again.

I did however get some very nice looks and some nice photographs of a palm warbler in those bushes down the end of the berm by the power plant.
Donald Sweig
Falls Church, Virginia

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