Date: 3/30/17 9:56 am
From: Rodger Rang <rrang...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Eagle Marsh Area Waterfowl-- March 30, 2017
I drove around in the rain this morning, checking some overlooks at Eagle Marsh and Serv-All and finding that quite a few divers had dropped in.  I don't remember seeing so many Bufflehead on the property before.  Because of the constant rain, I did all birding from my vehicle with binos only, so I likely missed a few things.  Highlights:

Canada Goose
Mute Swan- 2 at Serv-All
Gadwall- 6 at west end; 3 at Serv-All recycling site
American Black Duck- 2 at Serv-All recycling site
Blue-winged Teal- low numbers of teal and shoveler at most stops
Northern Shoveler
Green-winged Teal
Ring-necked Duck- 6 at Towpath Trailhead
Lesser Scaup- 9 at Serv-All; lower numbers elsewhere
Bufflehead- 70 at west end (max. count on one sweep, but many coming and going, so likely undercounted); 27 combined at basins near start of berm trail
Red-breasted Merganser- 2 at west end
Ruddy Duck- 17 in one group at Serv-All
Pied-billed Grebe- 4 at west end; 1 calling at Serv-All recycling site
Horned Grebe- 13 in one group at Serv-All
Double-crested Cormorant- 7 at Serv-All
Bald Eagle- 1 immature at west end
American Coot- low numbers at most stops

Rodger Rang
Fort Wayne
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