Date: 3/29/17 9:59 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Young Golden Crowns?

I'm seeing scruffy birds in my yard, too. I think they are last year's
young molting into adult plumage. I could be wrong.

Paul Sullivan

Subject: Young Golden Crowns?
Date: Wed Mar 29 2017 23:26 pm
From: lindaphelanlmt AT
Hello Obolers, Yesterday I had what looked like newly fledged Golden Crown
Sparrows kicking around in the leaf litter. I've seen other young birds, and
that's what these looked like, but the information I've read said they nest
up north. They sure had the scruffy looked of newly fledged birds. I still
see the adults out there under my feeders some days.

Does anybody have insight or knowledge into this?

Linda, Fanno Creek


Linda Lee

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