Date: 3/29/17 6:48 pm
From: <sandyleapt...>
Subject: [obol] Bird Books and
Hello All,

Ah to be a bird
To fly from North to South and back again
To feel the wind, the snow, the rain, the sun

Both male and female Rufous Hummingbirds in the garden now. Today is the first adult male Rufous I've seen this season. A Hermit Thrush continues in the garden, it arrived with the first snow and ice in December. Occasionally I see the Fox Sparrow that is hanging out in the bushes. Just today the Bush-tit flock seems to have broken up. I am seeing a pair of Song Sparrows, a pair of Spotted Towhees, a pair of Golden-crowned Sparrows, a pair of Bewick's Wrens, a pair of Black-capped Chickadees, a pair of Bush-tits and a pair of Northern Flickers in the garden and around the feeder. Also assorted Western Scrub Jays, Stellar Jays and Anna's Hummingbirds, a few American Robins, House Sparrows and Starlings. I almost forgot, FOY Violet-green swallow flock of 8 birds yesterday.

I was reviewing some photos I took in December and January. I found a Junco that, if I used the National Geographic field guide, I would identify it as a female a Pink-sided Junco. However, using Sibley, I'm quite sure it is a first year female Oregon (this makes the most sense), the coloring is almost pastel. It has a little black mask and very pale grey hood with some brown on the nape and forehead that makes it resemble an adult female, brown, Slate-colored Junco...I had an adult male Slate-colored Junco in the garden about that time so I could be one of those. I'm happy to share a picture if anyone is interested. I've forgotten what my Flicker password is so, ask and I am happy to send. I will be posting a couple pictures to birdFellow now that I found the password.

Did anyone mention Familiar Birds of the Northwest as a book with beautiful illustrations? I found a paperback. It is published by the Portland Audubon Society, text by Harry B. Nehls. The illustrations are pictures of paintings by R Bruce Horsfall, Amy C. Fisher, L.B. McQueen and Zella M. Schultz. I love looking at the pictures in this book so much I almost forget to read the text.

Merry Migration,

Sandy Leaptrott
NE Portland

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