Date: 3/29/17 6:31 pm
From: Stringer, Randy C. <RCStringer...>
Subject: Mercer County: 3/29/2017
Dear Pa Birders,

I birded the Shenango Propagation Ponds from 4-5 PM this afternoon. Despite the sunny skies and north wind there were a surprising number of species present, despite the fact that at least 70% of the waterfowl present on Saturday had departed.

The best birds were the 35+ Long-tailed Ducks still present at the end of the trail on the main body of water. There were a total of 19 waterfowl species present and 23 species of water birds.

On the way home I stopped along Tieline Road and did not find any field birds but viewed a well-marked, immature Northern Goshawk wending its way north much to the dismay of nearby Wood Ducks. This road has produced some great finds and Spring is just beginning.

I tallied 50 species in 2 hours of birding. Spring is here!!!!!!!

Randy C. Stringer
Grove City, PA
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