Date: 3/29/17 2:42 pm
From: Sheila Willis <swjxw1...>
Subject: Re: [GABO-L] Wild Turkey in Fulton Co.
Hey folks,

Hope you are fine. These posts about the WILD TURKEYs in Atlanta & Boston,
etc. is very interesting!

A few years ago, here in Waycross (WARE) while mowing the yard of a friend
I found the carcass of a WILD TURKEY on the side of her yard & the street
(Riverside Dr.). It was next to a section of her yard which was a thick
garden of Camillas, etc. & near a canal which connects to the Satilla R. a
few miles away. However, this was a neighborhood & just a block behind
commercial businesses & USHwy#84 at Ava St./Riverside Dr. You would never
expect to see such a bird there at all! Although once I rescued a
Yellow-bellied Turtle that tried to cross that street from that canal in
the middle of traffic.

Additionally, my cousin said that before that she had see live WILD TURKEYs
going across a yard in another neighborhood (northeast of the Riverside Dr.
site) that was a little closer to the river & downstream from where that
same canal goes underneath USHwy#84 at a wooded section to eventually
connect to the Satilla R. That same canal goes behind my house too.

And my father who still lives where I grew up on Danora Dr. said he had
seen some WILD TURKEYs in his yard too in about the last 10
years. Although I grew up there when it was a Longleaf Pine forest in the
1950's & 1960's & still had NORTHERN BOBWHITEs, Gopher Tortoises, & E.
Diamondback Rattlesnakes besides a lovely Hooded Pitcher Plant bog, it
slowly became a regular neighborhood w/ lots of houses front & back & down
the street. But Daddy's house is still 2 houses away from its dead end at a
very dampish, woody area by another canal which also connects to the
Satilla R. that is much closer there.

So I guess these birds could have been coming from the Satilla River &
following the canals, going from wood lot to wood lot along those routes.

In this same vein, after I had moved to my current home on Pineview Dr. (w/
canal behind it parallel to USHwy#84), one day to my great surprise a
wounded White-tailed Deer came running through the yard. After it crossed
Pineview, it got stuck in the neighbor's backyard which was fenced so I
called the police. They wanted to shoot it but they couldn't as they didn't
want to take a chance of hitting a house. As it turned out, a neighbor's
son was a bow hunter & they let him kill the deer & keep the meat.

So, I guess you never know these days what will turn up in a city or
residential setting. Take care.

Sheila Willis
Native American-Naturalist Talks & Tours
Okefenokee Bird Club
Waycross, WARE, GA

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