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Sally and OBOL,

FYI - the summit of Roman Nose Mountain (with its 360 degree view, radio
towers and former fire lookout tower) is just over two miles south of the
Lane/Douglas county line, so it's in Douglas County. It's one of the few
places in the central Oregon Coast Range where Yellow-rumped Warblers breed
- another being Prairie Mountain with its summit just north of the
Lane/Benton county line. In 32 years of working in the Lane County Coast
Range, I never did find breeding Yellow-rumped Warblers there, but just
across the line to the north and south!
Just a word of caution if you're planning a birding trip into the Coast
Range or for that matter the Cascades, cell phones don't work most of the
time, so be prepared to get yourself out of any trouble you might find
yourself in! I had a few very long walks to the nearest highway with a dead
car battery or more than one flat tire and no radio reception in the middle
of the night calling Spotted Owls.

Tom Mickel

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Linda Gilbert and I explored the Roman Nose Mountain area in Lane County
today. Temperatures ranged from 38 degrees to 54. We dodged sand and
gravel dump trucks and logging trucks in between the foggy mist and vestiges
of snow. Highlights included venturing up a steep logging spur road that
provided almost a 360 degree view of a herd of elk, a logging operation,
hearing pileated woodpeckers a large flock of Pine Siskins, Western
Bluebirds and watching a small flock of Violet Green Swallows excavating
nesting holes in a red clay cut bank. Down slope we saw a northern Pygmy
owl on a snag and heard another calling . What a great State we live in!

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